CADAP Tours – 2016

2016 Penticton, BC – Okanagan College

Valley View Farms, Penticton (grow all the vegetables for Hooded Merganser)

Every week, Valley View Farm delivers over 1000 pounds of produce to Penticton Lakeside Resort.  This produce falls directly into the hands of Executive Chef Chris Remington, who alongside his staff, seamlessly integrates the fresh produce into the Hooded Merganser’s daily menu. Look for the fresh difference in taste the next time you dine at the Hooded Merganser!  From tomatoes, to lettuce, to even figs, Valley View Farm grows fruits and vegetables exclusively for us. It is the only working farm in the city of Penticton.

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Research Centre-Summerland, Summerland

The Summerland Research and Development Centre in British Columbia is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s national network of 20 research centres. The Centre consists of two independent research sites: Agassiz and Summerland. Both locations are Minor Use Pesticide Program sites that improve access to new and effective crop protection tools and technologies.

The mission of the Summerland Research and Development Centre is to generate knowledge and technologies to promote sustainable and economically viable production of wholesome foods and novel bioproducts from high-value horticultural crops for local, national and international producers and markets. Summerland is the home of the Canadian Plant Virus Collection which consists of freeze-dried and live viruses maintained in perennial plants.

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Lavender Farm – Forest Green Man, Naramata, BC

Growing Lavender since 2000, Forest Green Man distill high-quality essential oils from their own plants.  All products are made from natural ingredients.  You can find them in the Okanagan Valley in Naramata, BC.

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Summerland Trout Fishery

The Summerland Trout Hatchery is the oldest continuously running trout hatchery in BC. The facility was established in 1928, but fish rearing at the hatchery dates back to 1918.